10 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Website

Are you among those who are just starting up or thinking that 2018 is the year to take your business online? Either case, there are plenty of things to consider before launching your brand new corporate website. Joe Balestrino, Founder of 4pointdigital, takes you through 10 essentials to mull over as you start to get the wheels in motion.

1. What level of service do you want for your website?

Internet service providers ISPs (i.e. broadband providers) are companies that’ll give you a connection to the internet for a fee. Every internet user in the world accesses the web via an ISP. ISPs such as Virgin Media, Talk, BT, and Sky will all offer different levels of management, security and broadband speeds, so it’s best to do some in-depth research before parting with your money.

2. How much hosting space are you going to need?

A useful analogy to help explain what web hosting providers (WHPs) do is to think of them as the landlord you rent your office space from, but online. Without using hosting services you won’t have a place to house the files that live on your website.

It’s important to remember that other hosting services, like email, require additional storage so double-check that the space offered by your ISP will be enough, or whether you’ll need to arrange more from a WHP.