4 Growth Hacking Tactics to Boost Your Startup’s Sales

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting across the marketing funnel to improve sales. The key word is “experimenting.” In order to be a successful growth hacker, you must adopt an experimenter’s mentality and adhere to the following principles:

  • Nothing is set in stone
  • Design and test all your ideas
  • Measure results
  • If results are acceptable, improve the plan and repeat
  • If results are not acceptable, discard and move on

I used growth hacking to get my first customers and it has served me well through the years. Here are four growth hacking tactics that should work for your startup, too.

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Make it easy to do business with you

Buying from your business should be easy for your customers. This point is so obvious it should not be listed as a growth hack, right? But you’d be surprised by how many businesses make their prospective clients jump through hoops before letting them make a purchase. This scenario happens everywhere and in every industry. The solution is to keep improving the way you onboard clients to reduce the amount of friction.

Here is a simple example from my industry: Our original financing applications asked for a lot of information. The format was a legacy from the banking days.

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