4 Steps to a Culture of Business Innovation

If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.” – Charles Kettering

As profound shifts take place in the modern workplace, entrepreneurs are finally recognizing that the traditional way isn’t always the best way. Rather than employees who put their heads down and step in line, entrepreneurs now seek bold innovators to join their ranks. Rather than quiet and obedient cultures, we want flexibility and open communication between team members. In order to achieve this, there are four aspects we can begin to cultivate in our businesses.

Diverse recruitment

It’s not uncommon for startups to draw from schools like Harvard or MIT talent pools to build their teams. But despite the value these candidates offer, the talent drawn from here can lack serious diversity. Rather than a workforce with varying backgrounds, strengths and perspectives, it’s all too easy to end up with a uniform cast of people who fit a specific mold. As research has shown time and time again, this uniformity doesn’t benefit your bottom line or your startup’s innovation.

Thus, it may be time to branch out and find new talent pools from which to draw. Expanding your search to a wide range of universities and other sources will yield a much greater opportunity for diversity.

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