5 Tips for Creating a Customer Communication Strategy During the Pandemic

With companies worldwide striving to return to “business as usual,” experts claim that marketing will be an essential part of recovery. But, as we know, the crisis has and continues to affect some industries far more than others. Businesses deemed “essential” are struggling to meet demand, while 65 percent of retailers have noticed a decrease in revenue since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, when is it appropriate to start marketing to customers again and what should the messaging be?

Considering that experts estimate China is roughly four weeks ahead of Europe and the rest of the world in terms of pandemic recovery, we can look at their business recovery rates and successful strategies lajolladetail.com/ for some guidance on what trends to expect and how this might inform our customer communication.

A predicted u-shaped recovery means there will likely be a lingering effect over the coming months before trade returns to normal.

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