Email Marketing in the Age of the Critical Consumer

As the expansive world of social media continues to grow, more and more digital marketers and entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts on social media marketing. While it makes sense to go where your customer goes, social media is certainly not the only online tool your customers are using. In fact, it might not even be the one they use the most. If you have abandoned your email marketing strategy, do so at your own peril. Email is still a heavily used tool that can be a very effective marketing channel when you know how to use it.

Email marketing is an important part of a holistic marketing strategy, but the average email user is becoming more savvy and critical every year. As the consumer evolves, so do marketing techniques. If you want to maintain a solid open and conversion rate despite more suspicious users, follow these tips.

Frequency is key

One of the most common complaints from consumers is that brands send too many emails. And with tools like and Gmail’s Automated Unsubscribe feature, it’s easier than ever to clean up unwanted subscriptions from your inbox. Not only is barraging someone’s inbox a huge offense in email marketing, it’s also very ineffective.

This has always been the case, but users have become much less patient with inbox flooding and much quicker to click the unsubscribe button. That said, your engagement rate can decrease if you don’t send emails often enough.

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