Girl Geek Academy workshops to get girls coding with a close woman in their life

As the saying goes, if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

To give girls developing an interest in STEM a close role model to look up to, Girl Geek Academy has developed a series of workshops to get young girls coding together with a close woman in their life, whether it be their mother, aunt, grandparent, neighbour, or friend.

Sarah Moran, CEO of Girl Geek Academy, said the organisation recognised the lack of STEM-based programs that educate both girls and women in the same classroom.

“[W]e know the exponential value of working to build intergenerational STEM knowledge. By bringing women and girls together into one workshop, we are able to create something more vital and long-lasting – an instant role model within their immediate family,” she said.

“By upskilling the women parents and guardians, the girls have a role model in their household who shows confidence and interest in technology, and can work with them on coding games and STEM schoolwork. It could also be an opportunity for the women to explore a new career path option if they wish to cross-skill into this in-demand profession.

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