How E-Commerce Can Take Your Startup Global

The global reach of the internet allows buyers from around the world to easily find your business and communicate with you, creating exciting growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. The final step (buying from you) is also more accessible than ever.

Completing international transactions involves new skills and considerations that can feel daunting and time consuming. However, many common e-commerce platforms include tools to help simplify the process, save some time and help manage details like online payments and logistics.

E-commerce can streamline the actual sale and fulfillment of orders to put export growth entirely within reach for even the smallest of businesses. Many startups already sell domestically through the internet, so the question is, what is different about international e-commerce? Is it feasible for you?

A proliferation of platforms, from product forums for artisan handicrafts to contracting sites for independent freelancing service providers, are available as resources to enable both product and service exports. So, for product and service startups alike, the answer is probably “yes,” and it’s a great opportunity.

Take your e-commerce international

E-commerce allows businesses from solopreneurs to thriving startups to simplify the buying experience.

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