How to Minimize Risk and Grow Your Business Responsibly

Being a business owner is one of the hardest, most stressful jobs, and every decision can feel like it’s “make it or break it” for the chance at success. The goal of nearly every startup is to expand its business to serve more people. The question, however, is what expansion strategy to pursue. Whether you’re making a new round of hires or scaling substantially, how do you help your company grow responsibly?

With my experience as founder of Kango, a rideshare company for kids, I’ve learned how to grow a business responsibly, and I want to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners do the same.

While every business is different, here are a few pieces of advice to guide your company into a phase of responsible growth.

Build expertise and reputation

By building your expertise, your startup will be able to gain notoriety within the industry.

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