Is Press Release Distribution for Startups Too?

Is press release distribution only for big and well-established brands? How can small companies and startups benefit from a distribution service?

It’s so common to hear from new marketers and PR professionals that they don’t intend to distribute their releases via a distributing site because they are just new in the market. Most of the time, they think that they can’t afford what the big companies are paying.

That is not the only issue, some newbies are hesitant to try writing releases because they think that it’s only for the big companies. This is completely wrong because even startups and small companies can have phenomenal success with a press release distribution.

press release distribution

Most common issues about startups is that “I can’t write a release!” or “What newsworthy story I can share?”

“Size doesn’t matter in writing and distributing releases. But, your story does.”

So, it’s not important whether you are a big or a small company, as long as you have a credible story to share. There are several reasons to write a newsworthy story, even your new.