Leverage LinkedIn for Marketing Your Startup in 5 Steps

If you’re an entrepreneur and have been ignoring your company’s LinkedIn profile, or worse, don’t have a LinkedIn presence, you’re missing out on a goldmine of opportunity.

One of the deadly startup sins is ignoring free marketing tools, especially when those tools have the power to deliver genuine leads and sales.

Every social media channel has its own unique personality, audience and function. While Snapchat and Instagram are popular with younger generations, LinkedIn is seen as a necessary tool for professionals and job seekers. It’s the straight-faced, serious head shot kind of place, where you end most personal messages with a “Best Wishes,” rather than an emoji. LinkedIn means business, but it’s not just the cut and dry recruiter haven it’s been made out to be.

I could spend all day singing praises of LinkedIn’s utility as a personal networking tool. Yet, what value does this leave for startup companies? Large enterprises may struggle to make emotional connections, according to an HBR study, yet this gives small businesses a very real and incredibly strong advantage.

5 proven steps to market your startup on LinkedIn

As an entrepreneur, you and your small team are the company, and that alone gives you a powerful card to play on LinkedIn. What exactly are these superpowers?

Here are a few impactful ways to leverage LinkedIn for your small business marketing.

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