Materials tech startup Xefco launches joint venture to produce Covid-killing face masks

Sydney-based materials technology company Xefco is launching a joint venture company to produce revolutionary face masks with the ability to kill the Covid-19 virus within minutes.

Xefco developed masks coated in an ultra-thin layer of copper in a collaboration with Deakin University. Studies by the Doherty Institute found that the patent-pending technology has the ability to inactivate bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, within 5 minutes. The coating does not change the feel, breathability or weight of the mask.

The new company, ‘Survivon Ltd’, is a JV with ASX-listed PPK, which has acquired a factory on the Gold Coast with the capacity to produce around five million masks a month.

The masks will be distributed in the Australian market first and then in Europe and other territories.

Xefco CEO and co-founder Tom Hussey, said the rapid efficacy of the coating, called MetalliX, is unprecedented.

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