Sextech is a thing and a Valentine’s Day hackathon in Melbourne is spending the weekend figuring out where to next


Two years after Sydney put on its best o-face for Australia’s first Sextech hackathon, it’s Melbourne’s turn to find its erogenous zones this Valentine’s Day.

Future of Sex entrepreneur Bryony Cole and Disruptors Co. founder Gavin Heaton are hosting a weekend-long hackathon at South Melbourne co-working site CreativeCubes.Co, running February 14-16.

Amid ongoing debate about how male-dominated the tech industry often is, the fact that women made up 85% of participants at the 2018 Sydney event tells you something about the problem that needs solving.

Bryony Cole is considered the world’s leading authority on sex tech and hosts the acclaimed podcast Future of Sex. She spent three years taking a deep dive into the industry researching the nexus between intimacy and technology, exploring beyond the perception that it’s all about sex with robots, remote control vibrators and VR porn.

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