To Innovate From Inside Your Industry, Get Inside the Heads of Your Customers

When you’re an expert in your field, it can be hard to challenge the assumptions that have helped you build your business and get to where you are today. However, those same assumptions won’t always get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

Time and time again, the most revolutionizing forces pushing industries forward come from outsiders. Twitter’s founder, for example, was no expert in communication when he started the multi-billion dollar social networking company. Nor was he an expert in finance when he started the multi-billion dollar mobile payment company, Square. It’s the same story for Uber and Airbnb.

What has ultimately allowed these entrepreneurs to stand out is not their expertise, but rather, their fresh perspectives. It’s for this exact reason that more and more of the world’s largest companies have begun to hire outsider executives in the face of innovation.

But not all innovation has to come from outsiders. By beginning to think as an outsider instead of an expert, startup founders can innovate within their own industries, as well. Here’s how you can start:

Change your frame of mind

Since you first started building your expertise, things have undoubtedly changed.

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