Avoid these 3 Instagram blunders if you want social success for your brand

Instagram is one of the best ways for a retailer to promote their products and grow their customer base. With shoppable Instagram posts launching in Australia earlier this year, it’s also becoming more popular as a sales channel. But if you’re putting time and effort into Instagram, you want results. Francesca Nicasio, a retail expert from Vend, explains how you can avoid making costly mistakes and achieve social success.

It is important for brands to constantly interact with their online community and come up with creative efforts that draw attention, likes, and even sales.

That said, retailers need to be careful with how they implement their campaigns. Being too aggressive with your efforts or running Instagram initiatives without thinking them through can cost you your fans and reputation. So here are three Instagram blunders to steer clear of.

Using customer photos without permission

User-generated content is gold for brands, which is why you should make it habit to scour the Instagram universe for fan photos that you could use to promote your store.Once you find pictures that you’d like to use though, get consent from the people who originally posted the images to ensure they agree to their use. This can be as easy as commenting and asking on the user’s post. Failing to take this step can lead to upset customers and negative comments on your own posts.