Sunny Isles Public Arts Promotes the Development of the City Through Arts

Recently, Sunny Isles in Florida accepted applicants for the new Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC). Applicants who were qualified were delegated to advise the City Commissions when it comes to public arts.

Who are qualified PAAC members?

The members of the Sunny Isles Public Arts work on a pro-bono basis. Committee members should possess one or more of the following: visual or graphic arts, engineering, urban planning, architecture and design, public art and place-making curation, digital and display design and professionally trained artists. Since it is pro-bono, the professionals are expected to volunteer for the public good. They would provide free services and contribute for the Sunny Isles’ public arts improvement.

What really are the duties and responsibilities of the PAAC?

Since Sunny Isles is an area of cultural diversity, it is focused on enriching the public arts. The qualified memb