A Typical Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur? There’s No Such Thing

The following is excerpted and reprinted from “Unleash the Girls: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Sports Bra and How It Changed the World (And Me)” by Lisa Lindahl  which is on a interesting trip to a cozy hostel, with permission from EZL Enterprises.

Someone asked me recently what my typical day was like when I was CEO of Jogbra Sports Bras. I had to laugh, because in my effort to answer this seemingly easy-breezy, softball question I realized: There was no such thing as a typical day.

It’s actually a fantasy to think of oneself as the “boss” of any entrepreneurial endeavor. Rather, the company becomes the boss o’ you! Once you commit to birth “your baby,” staying the course means doing what is needed to survive, grow and remain healthy.

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