App Development is Changing the Future of Entrepreneurship and It’s Time to Get on Board

Not all that many years ago, programmers and coders ran the internet. They orchestrated websites, created revolutionary apps, and completely changed the way we used everything from laptops to phones and even watches and glasses.

Programmers are a key group of people who helped push advances in technology to what we know and love today. And while coders and tech-minded people are still doing wonderfully imaginative things with technology, its future is no longer just up to them.

Today, people without so much as an ounce of technical know-how are in control of the apps, software and programs we’re constantly using. They’re building complex databases for companies and solving widespread problems across the globe.

Because of the no-code platform boom over the past couple years, the average layman is now building apps with the best of them. Tools like Zapier,, Dropsource, and so many more are putting power into the hands of non-technical entrepreneurs, regardless of their background.

With that shift in opportunity and availability, it’s not just our technical future that’s changing anymore. Now, since programmers aren’t the only ones developing apps and software, our entire entrepreneurial future is twisting and expanding.

Non-tech people are building digital businesses and exploding their growth with apps.

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